Jeremiah 1:17-19 (HCSB)
17 “Now, get ready. Stand up and tell them everything that I command you. Do not be intimidated by them or I will cause you to cower before them. 18 Today, I am the One who has made you a fortified city, an iron pillar, and bronze walls against the whole land—against the kings of Judah, its officials, its priests, and the population. 19 They will fight against you but never prevail over you, since I am with you to rescue you.” This is the Lord’s declaration.

Amazing God! The call of the young prophet Jeremiah reveals a fundamental insecurity in us all – inadequacy turned into independence with God’s favor!

“Then the word of the Lord came to me.” (v4). Jeremiah had a personal encounter with the Lord. According to his family history, he was raised in what we would call as a “goldy home.” Yet, he still required a personal encounter with Father God. This is beyond relatable.

In our current culture, we are blinded by the differences between religion and Christ-encounter. The evil one is skillfully deceiving many into believing their works, rituals, and personal goodness are saving them from eternal destruction. Only a personal relationship with our Maker can enlighten a spiritual encounter that is powerful enough to save.

In the passage above we witness Jeremiah transition from reluctant youth to protected prophet. What changed? Encounter! Jeremiah initially verbalized what we all feel in the face of God’s mission on our lives…inadequacy. However God is with him (and us). “Do not be afraid of their faces, for I am with you to deliver you, says the Lord” (v8).

The power of God’s spoken word in this very passage is tangible. It’s alive. It’s a promise. God was not making a mere suggestion on Jeremiah’s life. In contrast, He boldly stated be prepared, it’s coming, “Get yourself ready!”

We do not have to fear intimidation as a child of God. In fact, I rebuke the spirit of fear and intimidation in Jesus name. It does not belong in my life or yours as you follow God’s perfect design and well-crafted mission for your life. God didn’t tell Jeremiah that he would be free from conflict nor does God spare us from the same. Yet, my God delivers! His promises are true. His words are faithful. Just as Jeremiah saw victory so we claim victory over our enemies. They will not prevail against us! Remain covered under the most powerful wing of protection from the one and true God. Be encouraged. More importantly, be pressed to serve.

What spiritual encounter will you have today?


Christian Armetta

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