Colossians 3:17

Colossians 3-17

Having been raised in a small town, I am fully aware of the importance of names. In fact, my wife and I stress the importance of personal integrity, upstanding character, and Christ-like behavior to our son as it relates to carrying the family name just before walking out of the door for any purpose. In our society today, we do not see as much importance placed on names as they did during the Old Testament days. In fact, names were so important in the ancient times, that God would change someone’s name based on an important event or experience.

So how does this relate to us today? What IS in a name? The answer is very clear – we bear the name of Jesus! Admittedly, I looked at this verse on the surface and knew that my home, my work, my words, etc. should mirror that of Jesus. However, I failed initially to understand the magnitude and depth of this verse. As the Holy Spirits leads, I clearly see that mirroring is not personal enough. I pray that we internalize all that is Jesus Christ! Many Christians are good at mimicking Jesus – reflecting His attributes only on the surface. Let’s not be a surface Christian. In fact, that is an oxymoron! Pray that the Spirit teaches you how to go deeper in your walk today that you will bear the name of Jesus in your words and actions. Bearing the name of the Most High is a great gift!

Question: How will you bear the name of Jesus today in your words and actions?


Christian Armetta


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