Psalm 147:3

“3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”


Parched and longing for a drink, I reached into the refrigerator and slowly pulled out one of my favorite carbonated teas. As sad as it sounds, I was looking forward to finishing off this bottle and enjoying the refreshing tastes of black tea, ginger, and lemon suspended in the breezy carbonation – you get the picture!

However, as I’m pulling out the glass bottle, the refrigerator shelving obstructs the bottle rim which causes me to lose my grip; the bottle slowly yet uncontrollably somersaults to the tile floor awaiting its broken fate. My anticipation quickly turns into brokenheartedness as I assess the damage. I am always amazed how far broken glass can travel from the origin of impact. Before commencing the cleaning ritual, the Holy Spirit literally used this opportunity to speak – doesn’t He always! I stared at the shattered glass for what seemed like an eternity all while the liquid crawled between the grout almost symbolizing our path in life!

Aren’t our lives just a little bit like the shattered glass on the tile floor? Do we have moments in time where we are comfortable and unshaken while sitting on the shelf of life then all of a sudden – falling, brokenheartedness, shattered due to forces outside of our control?

I must admit, though, I don’t want to be a Christian believer who is comfortable just sitting on the “shelf of life!” Therefore, in following His will, I will experience the hills and valleys if that means experiencing God and bringing others to Him. Is it worth it – emphatic Yes!

Let us not overlook this simple verse. In this passage, the Lord was faithful and just in taking care of His people. God’s people had a reason to be brokenhearted. After their captivity and release, they returned to their land which had been devastated. Through their repentance, God gave them exactly what they needed. He is a just and merciful Father and “binds up wounds.”

If you find yourself brokenhearted, look up! God is the Master Healer; He can heal any broken heart, but you must be willing to give him the pieces.



Christian Armetta

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