Luke 21:36

“36 But be alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place and to stand before the Son of Man.”

I see so much in this picture. It speaks volumes to me. I’m very much a visual person – not just a visual learning – I process stories as they unfold right before my eyes. I pray to always be “in touch” with God. I want to be deep rooted in His vine. Our very nutrients for spiritual survival come from the Father – remaining connected to His branch guarantees a life of spiritual satisfaction through surrender. 

While enjoying God’s creation today, I noticed the announcement in the sky as depicted in this picture that I snapped, “I’m on my way to blot out the tranquility and peace and there’s nothing you can do about it!” What a warning – and then…the stroms arrived, rain fell, harder and stronger. We thought we would be exempt from this passing storm. You see, the weather app didn’t predict this summer thermal storm to pass right over us – but it did! 

The visual formation and route of the clouds proved in advance that we would be facing storms in the very near future; yet we didn’t heed the obvious warning. The app may have failed us but our eyes did not! Weren’t we warned? YES! Did we listen – NO! 

How often in life are we given a warning of impending “storms?” Not very often indeed! This passage in Luke instructs us to “be alert at all times…” If you allow me to say, this is such an easy principle to follow that almost assuredly guarantees strength through the passing. This does not exempt us from storms nor assures a pain free journey. However strength and reliance on the Lord are heightened principles in faith. 

What does it truly take to remain alert at all times: 

1. Praying without ceasing

2. Daily Bible study

3. Scriptural memorization

4. Daily praise and worship

5. Crucifying the flesh 

This list is not finished. We could continue this list, and I encourage you to post your best methods for remaining spiritually alert at all times to this blog. Let’s build each other up and help one another remain spiritually fit and therefore alert! 

My dear friends, the storms of life are coming; we are not exempt. They will not cease their passage but God will shelter us as we remain in Him. Shelter does not mean prevent – simply allowing His sovereignty over our lives! Let’s praise Him in the storms – don’t avoid – be prepared and stand firm!

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Christian Armetta 

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