James 4:7

“7 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”


Oh the lights! It’s just so memorizing – the wave nature of the lights appear to draw you in just like a magnet. Atop the inviting staircase, a peak of majestic brightness calling you one step at a time in curiosity. A wondering soul hears optimism as if all things in this world are good and safe. This calling makes each step easier, lighter, faster as anticipation overtakes reasoning. You break from the safety of the Father’s wing and just like the force of a mighty wind you race to the attraction.

Wait! This can’t be! I’m here but the light isn’t as pretty in person. Your eyes span across and you see the unveiled truth of what you were chasing – broken glass, burned out lights, pests, trash, danger! What went wrong? From a distance, it was all so beautiful; I just wanted a closer look! How could this have happened? I’m afraid, it’s cold up here. Where did my protection go? – and then as quickly as you raced to the unknown, you hear the cold whisper pass just across your senses alerting you of the very thing you failed to consider – you fell into the trap of the evil one’s illusion.

Dear friends, I hope we never forget that the devil does not masquerade around with a pitchfork attempting to scare – quite the opposite. He was initially described by the Creator as perfect in beauty. Therefore, it would make complete sense that his easiest tool for drawing people into complete destruction is through enticement, illusion, allure.

Yet, we stand again on another promise from our Father. We are to submit to God and resist the devil and He will flee. Yes and amen! This does not say that the devil may consider fleeing or that he is even strong enough to withstand the rebuke. Despite the tricks, he holds zero authority and power in the presence of God almighty. Remaining under the protection of God’s wing assures a successful resistance – so do NOT leave your safe space!

Whether you are a believer or a seeker, trust and seek God! The devil has lied to you far too long. Take back what is rightfully yours – kingdom authority given by Jesus Christ alone! As you develop a deeper relationship with God the Father, you will begin to see these traps and illusions a whole lot easier. Yet, do not be prideful. Satan is a master craftsman, and his skill is destruction. Yet, my God’s skill is perfection in salvation and NO ONE on earth, above or below earth is more powerful than that. Let us strive to be blameless in His sight.

Question: What are examples of your life’s illusions and traps? How have you learned?


Christian Armetta

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