Romans 12:9

Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.


As we continue our current series on living a genuine Christian life, I would like to further emphasize our responsibility to be real, loving, and true. In turn, I would say stop being fake and stop pretending! Do you really love others? Let that soak in for a minute…do you REALLY? The Bible is filled with accounts of Christ humbling himself to love on others. God in the flesh…serving and dying for us! Whoa!

John 15:13 even says, “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” Jesus demonstrated this to the fullest by laying down his life for all of humanity, even those who hated Him and didn’t believe in Him. Now that my friends is love! We have zero excuse to live in opposition to His teachings for He paid the ultimate sacrifice.

What does this passage really mean to you? For me, I want to be ever so sensitive to the Spirit that I do not miss a single opportunity to love on others. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not perfect! Yet, I do not want to be engaged in any act that would be viewed or considered unloving by outsiders—why? I truly don’t want to be a stumbling block against the Kingdom. Remember, Satan’s best offense is a rebellious believer! It only takes one off-color comment or bad decision to negatively influence a seeker. Some of you might be thinking, “That’s not me!” However, I would encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth and wash it clean.

We are not only encouraged but tasked with loving others. This takes such work because people can be unloveable. Can we be real for a moment? Of course we can! This world is filled with imperfect humans…yes, you and me included. Therefore, that is a ‘perfect’ recipe for unlovable moments. However, Christ never failed. What a beautiful example! He sought out the different, the strange, the ravaged, the hated, the scorned, the sinner–yes, he sought you! Christ died for the same people we call strange, annoying, and just plain different even today. Who are we to judge His people? Do you feel the conviction as I do?

Where are you dear friends? Is your nose in the air or your knees on the ground? Is your finger pointed to you or your hands lifted to Him? Are your actions self-indulgent or does the sweat from your brow tell a story of servicing the needy? Is your pocketbook cushioned or filled with faith while you place all that you have in the plate? These are the questions we must be asking each other. We must sharpen the flock in order to live and love like Jesus.

Question: What does true love look like to you?

Challenge: Stop being fake and pretending and start influencing others in a positive manner giving honor to God the Father.


Christian Armetta

One thought on “Pretending

  1. This so well says how I feel … “I do not want to be engaged in any act that would be viewed or considered unloving by outsiders—why? I truly don’t want to be a stumbling block against the Kingdom.”


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