Genesis 6:9-22

This is the account of Noah and his family. Noah was a righteous man, the only blameless person living on earth at the time, and he walked in close fellowship with God. 10 Noah was the father of three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

11 Now God saw that the earth had become corrupt and was filled with violence.12 God observed all this corruption in the world, for everyone on earth was corrupt.13 So God said to Noah, “I have decided to destroy all living creatures, for they have filled the earth with violence. Yes, I will wipe them all out along with the earth!

14 “Build a large boat from cypress wood and waterproof it with tar, inside and out. Then construct decks and stalls throughout its interior. 15 Make the boat 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high. 16 Leave an 18-inch opening below the roof all the way around the boat. Put the door on the side, and build three decks inside the boat—lower, middle, and upper.

17 “Look! I am about to cover the earth with a flood that will destroy every living thing that breathes. Everything on earth will die. 18 But I will confirm my covenant with you. So enter the boat—you and your wife and your sons and their wives.19 Bring a pair of every kind of animal—a male and a female—into the boat with you to keep them alive during the flood. 20 Pairs of every kind of bird, and every kind of animal, and every kind of small animal that scurries along the ground, will come to you to be kept alive. 21 And be sure to take on board enough food for your family and for all the animals.”

22 So Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him.


Does God really want me to do that? We’ve all felt the tug, piercing, and even near audible call to step out in faith, but we doubt! Instead of placing feet to faith, we entertain our own logic which inadvertently fosters doubt…”Did He really say that?”

Most of us know this passage by heart. We can retell the story in great detail. It’s amazing! After re-reading this passage today, I gleaned even more valuable information. This is actually typical each time I pick up the Word. What about you? The Holy Spirit has a supernatural way of revealing something new each and every time you open the Bible. I love how He peels back the layers.

For me, I was drawn more into Noah’s character than the objective details God outlined in constructing the ark. What did you notice? Genesis 6:9 says it all, “Noah was a righteous man, the only blameless person living on earth at the time, and he walked in close fellowship with God.” What a testimony!

Yes, I fully understand that we are to emulate Jesus Christ, and He alone is our model; however, I would love to be characterized like Noah in this passage. As God looked down upon all the corruption in the earth, He was drawn to this one man because of his faithfulness, integrity, and righteousness. I pray for such qualities! Even more, he walked closely with God. There are many people on this earth that truly have a nice personality; they are even kind to strangers and give to those in need. However, they are still lost because they do not have a personal relationship with their Savior, Jesus Christ. We must remember that “niceness” alone will not get you to heaven. This, of course, is a natural fruit of being a believer, but simply being nice and doing good works will not come close to sanctifying us. 

I urge you to live a life that can only be characterized by righteousness, blamelessness, and in close fellowship with your Creator. What a challenge…or is it? Don’t get me wrong. I fully understand the temptations and worldly draw. However, this is more than a challenge my friends; this is an expectation! All believers are called to live clean and innocent lives as children of God. Therefore, this is more than a challenge; it’s an expectation.

Surrounded by evil and endless mocking, Noah did not waver. According to verse 22, “Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him.” In essence, Noah didn’t say, “Lord, let me check my calendar, consult with scholars, or think about that a bit longer because what you are asking is short of insane.” Instead, Noah did what? — got busy for the Lord! I love it! He could have asked so many questions. If you’re like me, you would have attempted to present a detailed outline of pros and cons as part of your business model. I’m just thankful our God is a patient Father because He most certainly has to be patient with me! 

A valuable lesson today:

-God doesn’t need your business model. He wrote the rules!

-God doesn’t need your approval. He IS the Ruler!

-God doesn’t need your analysis. He desires your faith!

-God doesn’t need your doubt. He seeks your conviction!

-God doesn’t need your suspicion. He assesses your dependency.

So, has God asked you to build an “ark” in the middle of a field, nowhere near a body of water lately? Now you’re thinking! What has God called you to do that you think is outlandish? Is it time to be faithful and trust Him? —YES! Do you want to be seen as righteous, faithful, and dependent? —ABSOLUTELY!

Thought: Stop controlling and give in to His calling. What is He asking you to do?


Christian Armetta

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