John 3:16

For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.


During the Valentine season, we are bombarded by the world’s view of love: red and pink hearts, Cupid, bows and arrows, roses, balloons, and chocolate. Yet, I was reminded of God’s view of true love while pulling up today’s Bible verse. I am afraid that believers are becoming desensitized to this most powerful verse. I’m also afraid that we fail to meditate on this verse when it comes to mind because we think we truly understand it. I’m here to say that this verse never gets old. In fact, nothing in the Bible is capable of “getting old.” Jesus, the physical manifestation of the Word, is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Therefore, it’s breathes forever and never will die.

This passage above is beyond timely. I encourage you to focus on God’s truth this Valentine’s day. The truth is God loved the world so much that He sent His One and Only Son to take away our sins in order to restore a broken relationship with our Creator. This my friends is true love because He did this while we were still sinners!

~Roses will die yet my God’s true gift of love lives forever.

~Valentine’s day cards will be thrown away yet my God’s true gift of love lives forever.

~Balloons will deflate and fall to the ground yet my God’s true gift of love lives forever.

~Chocolates will spoil and be thrown out yet my God’s true gift of love lives forever.

I am thankful for God’s true love. If you desire such an unfailing love, draw near to Him and He will draw near to you!


Christian Armetta

2 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Love! Love Love! This is the very verse I used in a short talk a Senior citizens Valentines luncheon yesterday!
    Thank you for reminding us…we are not merely loved; we are “so” loved! For God “so” loved the world (us).
    Have you ever listened attentively to one of your friends tell a “campfire” kind of story and they get to the end and they leave you hanging? What’s your response? So??? Right!
    In essence you’re saying tell me more! Get to the point! What happened?
    God “so” loved us…that He gave His only son son that we could have eternal life!!!
    If God had only declared His love without any subsequent act of love, it would be the equivalent to hearing a joke and never hearing the punch-line. We would not get eternal life and that would be no laughing matter! Get it! ☺️
    Seriously, I thank God!!! He is a God of WORD-ACTION! He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or imagine!!!
    True authentic and genuine love for God and others must be demonstrated through our actions!
    James says it best…my paraphrase…”show me your faith (love-walk) without works (love-actions) and I’ll show you my love-walk by my love-actions!”
    May we allow Christ to be made manifest in our mortal bodies that the LOVE of God may be seen by ALL!!!

    Happy Love Day to All!!!


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