1 Samuel 16:7

But God told Samuel, “Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be impressed with his looks and stature. I’ve already eliminated him. God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart.”


You call from the heavens like a burst of light reaching deep within my soul. I listen to your voice and follow your lead; my steps are guided and ordered by your lamp. You sent a spoken seed and dropped it deep within my heart. A warrior stands guard day and night protecting your breath as it sprouts and begins to grow. Your very presence provides the right amount of light activating the cells within; it cannot fail because you spoke it.

However, the enemy can see it growing now, Lord. The evil one fires off darts in hopes of destroying the anointing. I see the fire in his eyes – one, two, three flaming arrows are released before I can blink. The first arrow screams “failure” as it flies through the air. The shield of faith extinguishes the arrow without any trace of residue. The second arrow howls “fear” as it bolts through the air. Yet, the sword of the spirit cuts it down with ease. The third arrow was the largest and fastest in Satan’s bag. He released it and it laughs “rejection” as it soars straight for my soul. Yet, it turned around and headed back to its owner shortly after it was released.

“Lord?,” I asked, “What happened to the third arrow? I saw your helper destroy the first two, but why did the third turn around?” The Lord replied, “My son, rejection is the strongest of all condemning fiery darts. Yet, you are the righteousness of Christ – washed in my blood. The enemy wants nothing more than for you to feel rejected by man in hopes that you would feel rejected by Me…but look at these hands and look at my feet. My blood was poured out for all to bring salvation, atonement, righteousness, justice, favor, grace, mercy, healing, and power. This arrow saw Me in you and had no other choice than to turn around and to be destroyed.”


~May God’s light transform you from the inside out.

~May you truly know how God feels about you each and every day.

~Do not spend all your time trying to win the approval of humans.

~Keep your eyes fixed on Christ and live a transformed life from the inside out.

~Life will definitely throw you some curve balls and disappointments especially after the Holy Spirit drops a word (i.e., seed) into your soul. Take heart and do not be afraid! Be courageous and walk in stride with the Lord as your shepherd. You will see that word come to fruition in a complete and bountiful harvest.

~No matter what your senses are telling you…trust only what God reveals…and remember – you are a child of the King, a warrior, a powerhouse for the Kingdom! Be blessed.


Christian Armetta

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