John 17:22

22 I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one—

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The alarm clock abruptly awakens you. You instantly feel dread as your swing your feet around touching the cold tiles beneath you. “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” chases after you like a child longing for his mother. With shoulders slumped and head hanging low, a quick splash of cold water rushes over your face tingling your sleepy senses. Time stands still when your eyes lock intently with the stranger in your room. Your autonomic nervous system rushes adrenaline into your heart and muscles. You instantly ponder fight or flight. Your heartbeat gallops faster than a mighty rushing river. You can’t catch your breath as it appears to have disappeared ahead of you. Your voice is hiding behind your trembling lips and refuses to call for help. Fear begins to set in as the stranger eerily follows your every move and appears to be closing in on you. You consider the consequences of capture and begin to smell defeat until…you realize the stranger is you!

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Your mirror reflection revealed the warfare inside. Years of masquerading caused unrelenting pain. Shame, condemnation, anger, unforgiveness, resentment, legalism, religionism, traditionalism, fear, and anxiety traded God’s glory for the corruptible. The enemy’s lies altered your very presence; however, he can never alter your Spirit. When the original man sinned, he forfeited the glory of God. Yet, Jesus came to restore and redeem God’s glory over His people – praise God.

Yet you say, “I’ve done too much, hurt too much, and have too much anger to ever experience the glory of God!” This type of restoration is not dependent upon your worthiness my friend. In fact, the Greek word for glory in this passage is Doxa, which means the following:

Doxa: “The honor, praise, and glory that comes from a good opinion. It’s an appearance commanding respect, excellence, and magnificence. This term is used to describe God’s nature and actions in self-manifestation.”

Oh dear child, let your APPEARANCE reflect the very presence of God, which is respect, excellence, and magnificence. Let His very nature clothe you in these promises; you ARE WANTED BY THE KING! This is His opinion of you; it’s His good opinion! As a child of the King, you are granted certain rights that the enemy cannot take away. One of these rights includes being clothed in God’s glory. Let this radiate around you as the Holy Spirit fills you up completely. This glorious circle changes how you see yourself and how others see you! You WILL attract others because they are drawn to the sweet aroma of the Spirit. God is able to use His glory circle around you to bring honor to Himself!

The enemy cannot take this away but he can do two effective things: (A) change how you see yourself which decreases your effectiveness for the Kingdom (B) keep you bound up in past sins, hurts, or pains which cloaks you in darkness. He cannot take away your light but he can surely diminish or dampen it by cloaking you. Put on the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and walk in your glory circle because you are wanted!

Challenge: How do you see yourself today?


Christian Armetta

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