1 John 2:17

17 The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.

Dreams & Visions – God=Love

Psalm 39 describes it quite well, “Everyone is but a breath.” This world and everything in it is truly passing away, but that is not the end of the story. Whoever does the will of God lives forever. In order to do the will of God, you must first know God! Yet, knowing God is more than mere knowledge. The space between your brain and heart is approximately eighteen inches. However, eternity hangs between this minuscule space. In a blink of an eye, eighteen inches will become the most important measurement you’ll ever make – not how much money you made, how many cars you had, how many stocks you had, or what position you held on this earth. No. The distance you travel from your head to your heart will determine your eternity.

I know someone who spent decades operating out of the heart of God and is now walking alongside Him on streets of gold. In a blink, she traveled from pain to praise. I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t share her mission, which proves God’s ripples cannot be stopped!

From foreign missions to neighborhood soup kitchens, a servant’s heart she most certainly possessed. She never met a stranger because she saw the image of Christ in all human beings collectively. To some, spiritual anomalies bring about surprise and extreme wonderment. Yet, our friend would say, “Isn’t that what we were expecting?”…with a beautiful smile and confident laugh to follow.

She taught us all to respect one another and to love deeply. She praised with her whole spirit across all settings, and she wouldn’t think twice about praying for someone in need. Some call her teacher as she spent countless years shaping our children into the strong young men and women they are today. However, those precious ears didn’t know it at the time, but she was planting seeds for a harvest decades later through the planting of His Word embedded in her curriculum, songs, encouragement, and prayers.

We often referenced this life as a race and used Hebrews 12 as our guide. Our friend was the best spiritual pacer, and it was most certainly a challenge to keep up to her “6-min./mile spiritual pace.” The best way to explain this reference is to copy a reference definition from the world wide web concerning this type of “pace.”

“A 6-minute mile is kind of the unofficial threshold of fast endurance running. Casual runners are not likely to run a 6-minute mile on accident, but it’s an achievable – if not high – bar for an aspiring new runner who is training hard.” http://www.quora.com

You see, our friend was not running by accident! She trained her whole life for this type of spiritual endurance race and she expected you to run alongside her! She was definitely an elite spiritual runner, and she expected you to be as well through encouragement and prayer! Trust me…it was a challenge and you often left pouring sweat! Yet, it was the best experience of your life. You left fulfilled and full of the Holy Spirit because you served, loved, gave, prayed, listened, laid hands, taught, and discipled.

Fear never got off the starting line as that spirit had no room around her. Power, love, and a sound mind flanked her at all crossroads in her life. Even though she beat me and crossed the finish line, I will continue the mission we started from the very beginning, which was to go and make disciples of Jesus Christ in all the nations. I pray that my words will travel across the globe and touch many lives. Even more, I pray that multitudes will come to the Father through Jesus Christ even through this message. I pray that every single one of you love hard and always keep your eye tuned to the needy and hurting. Serve as often as you can, and leave more than you take. Come and go quietly but leave a massive impact wherever you go – remember it’s not about you; it’s about the Lord.

Well done, good and faithful servant! You touched heaven from the other side of your eyelids. The Word prayed over you is now the flesh standing before you. His hands, His feet…that smile!! Oh how He’s waited for this day to show you the Father, the indescribable beauty, and the angelic choir.

Until we meet again my friend…there is work still to be done (as you would say) so we will go for now, and we will always be looking for those Jesus opportunities everywhere we go.

Hebrews 12:1-3


Christian Armetta

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3 thoughts on “In a Blink…

  1. 💖💔🙏🏼
    Just perfect, Christian. Perfect.
    Love you, my brother in Christ.

    “Yet, our friend would say, “Isn’t that what we were expecting?”…with a beautiful smile and confident laugh to follow.”


  2. Beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady, such a great example of the love of Christ. She touched many lives and always expected the best as we should.


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