1 Corinthians 15:58

58 Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

[Personal Journal]

I no longer believe in four seasons…summer, fall, winter, and spring. No. You showed me otherwise this weekend. FaithWalk. You, Holy God, plant seasons in the heart far greater than the four times we experience change in one year. You see, atmospheric change cannot describe heart change. It cannot describe the seasons of the heart…but you still produce them.

Some of these heart seasons remind me of cold, dark, and lonely times where growth appears stale. I cry out to you in those “wintery” seasons and beg you to shine new light on me. Yet, the bitter cold of the tongues of men strike daggers through my bones sharper than any known human weapon. Frozen. I’m unable to move from the pain. The windchill from words of death have paralyzed me. However, I’m always reminded that you never leave me nor forsake me no matter how bitter cold those valleys become. Your light is warmth for my soul.

Other heart seasons remind me of new life bursting with color. Your Spirit births words of knowledge, visions, and restoration to what was once dead. Just in these “springtime” seasons, the Holy Spirit blows dandelion kisses spreading His seed all across the field. A doe caresses her fawn the same way you bend down from heaven to listen to me. I hear you too. Meditating on your Word is like honey from the honeycomb…sweet. I’m reminded that the springtime rain is truly your anointing oil kissing the chosen’s head and cheeks for such a time as this.

Yes, there are heart seasons far greater than one can count. Your “summer” showers refreshed all of us this weekend with your presence. I no longer say, “It’s too much.” I desire all of your wind, fire, and living water bursting forth because as an eternal provider it continues to flow in and out of me. Earthly elements are designed to take away and leave empty, but You, Holy God, are designed to give life. You brought butterflies from states away to help produce flowers in us by pollinating your Word all throughout the camp. They are beautiful and gently brush against my skin to remind me of your touch. When they leave, I cry. You’ve created colors on their wings that leave fire pixels wherever they touch so they always point to you even when they are gone.

It’s hard to say goodbye, God! I don’t want to leave your “sunsets on the beach” and your constant whispers from the ocean waves. What is it, Lord? Your colors? I’m not leaving?? You’re changing the colors of my heart, the same way you color a fall tree. I’ve known my gifts before: encouragement/yellow, discernment/blue, vision/red, prayer/white…but you’ve added a new color to my heart this weekend: pastor/green. I never knew the fullness of your heart in me until this weekend walking alongside MY pastor, mentor, and friend. Thank you for using me to help grow/green others, but honestly, Lord, you GREW me.

So, I’ll take your colors with me. With tear-soaked memories, I will forever be thankful and grateful to have walked these seasons with my wife, pastor, and friends. “Wintery” heart seasons won’t be nearly as hard this time…why? I picked a dozen Esther light pink roses to put in my vase. Each one speaks a word to me: leader, beauty, elegance,…

Esther Light Pink Roses

This Holy Spirit nourishment is all I need. May I never forget this experience as I walk the seasons of my life. You, oh Lord, have overly blessed me, and I bless your name with every breath in my body.


Christian Armetta

AKA: “Bro. Christian”

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4 thoughts on “Heart Seasons – FaithWalk Journal

  1. My dear Brother in Christ . How eloquently spoken . Words seem to simple to say how my heart feels about you and my sweet sister Aimee …my first serve …dragging my doubts , fears , anxieties…the enemy had planted deeply , long long ago .. same old lies that I would pack up and carry with me when I left … (those that had become my broken identity … my security blanket) But this time !!! I wanted to be apart of something greater than …me. … Something is different !!! I signed up to serve …just to be around others that have such strong , beautiful spiritual walks ! Lord , if You could just allow me to watch from behind a bush , through a window , from a distance … it gives my heart such beautiful joy to see You work in their lives ! I promise I won’t interfere.. After I received the call from my sweet sister Aimee., and saying yes to serve . My heart was in my throat ! What have I done ? With Your urging …just follow me ! Something is changing ! Something is happening ! This feels different…. From the moment I stepped out of my vehicle at camp Pearl …. Bringing my brokenness with me…. Years of heavy baggage, bondage , worn like a thick , dirty , layers of heavy clothings ..that were 3 times to big …began falling off with every step I made … now feeling raw and undone …continuing to walk … my broken comfort wasn’t comfortable anymore. With every prayer , encouragement, stepping out of the bushes …came a new confidence.A new …piece of metal armor …light weight and perfectly fit for the arms , feet ,head … a full armored suit …just for me! As I continued through the weekend praying , sharing., laughing , crying , Something happened ! All the worries , fears , anxieties began to melt away . We were encouraged to walk toward the cross … die to self .. this journey isn’t about us . Then came your message “ Grow where your planted “ I realized that all my life . I have never allowed myself to root anywhere! That I would stay only long enough to keep from dying them up root and move on … searching for a perfect soil that would grow my weed . I learned this weekend … I’m a flower! That my God ,desires to grow me ! You my dear sweet friends, whom I adore , have always spoke life into me ! I feel so very very much alive !! The enemy has already begun to try and put my old self back on … like lost luggage that was returned to the owner ! “No, you must be mistaken ? That’s not mine !! Hallelujah!!! I am reminded to die to self everyday , every minute , all day ! I am no longer a slave to sin ! Walk toward the cross and grow where I’m planted !!! Thank you for speaking and praying life into me ! I’m so excited to see where God plants me next ! I’ll see you in the garden … much love and prayers , Shirley


    1. My dear sister! Your words are music to my soul! Oh MY! Thank you so much! I love you dearly and beyond thankful that God crossed our paths! You are gifted, loved, and highly favored. Looking forward to working with you in ministry for many more years to come!!! Love you dear friend!


  2. Very well spoken and written. Anyone that knows you, knows you are like David, a man after God’s own heart.

    Kent FWSL#13


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