Matthew 2:11

Entering the house, they saw the child with Mary His mother, and falling to their knees, they worshiped Him. Then they opened their treasures and presented Him with gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

[Reflective Journal]

What can these dirty hands offer a king? Those in royal positions wouldn’t dare accept anything from me. What do I bring?…My life began in absent existence floating from one experience to the next. Life consisted of episodic collisions leaving deep scars hardening my shell through years of pressure, pain, and trial.

Memories are marred by abuse and pain as sharp as stab wounds from a surgical knife ripping through my very core. I bled, but those around me only wanted more. Why do those around me cheer when they see tears like resin running down? It hurts.

Through the spirals of life, my core appeared to explode leaving fragments of myself falling miles from where I started. How could I ever pick up the pieces? I can’t ever go back. Who would ever desire me?

Left alone and in silence, I grew tired searching for my fragmented pieces which caused me to build layer upon layer of protective covering. I’m useless and of no value. I’ll be safe under this shell. No one is searching for me, and these trials of life shake my very existence.

I feel as though I’m being moved from one episode to the next in the volcanic current of life. Pushing against the current feels like a piece of sand attempting to wage war against a tidal wave-futile. Existence without purpose is a fitting description while I wait.

I feel the chiseling all around, but who is searching for me? I’m picked up, dusted off, and refined. Life’s impurities appear to fall off of me; the cleansing hurts but the reflection is pure. Where are you taking me? I have nothing to offer! Do you know where I came from?!

Suddenly, my chamber of darkness is opened where I see a sliver of hope. As my eyes adjust to the light, I’m speechless. Before me…THE KING!



Dear believer,

This Christmas…we must presents ourselves as living sacrifices to the KING! Jesus knew He was entering this world to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. You’re never alone as He chases the one and no level of darkness can hide His light. In return, we should present ourselves to the King as an offering this Christmas.

You may find yourself this season battling depression, doubt, fear, loneliness, shame, and guilt. You may even find similarities in your own life with this parallel storyline above. The precious gifts offered to our King ALL went through a refining process. Gold originated through a series of interstellar collisions, explosions, and extreme refinement. Frankincense and myrrh originated through the cutting of tree bark which caused the tree to “bleed.”

All of these treasures started from (a) hard beginnings, (b) traveled through a refinement process, and (c) ended up at the feet of the King as a precious gift/offering. This is YOU! We worship the ONE who laid down His life for all of humanity.

This is the kind of treasure and offering Jesus desires. He wants the tough story! He came to set the captives free; to seek and save the LOST! He simply wants YOU the way you are this Christmas. He doesn’t want the “fixed-up” you. He wants the messed up, knotted up (i.e., frankincense knotted tree branches), rocky-souled (i.e., gold), and gnarled-past (i.e., myrrh gnarled tree branches) you!

The days are drawing near. If you are not a believer, please let this Christmas season be the time to offer your life to the King who gave His own to save us. If you are a believer and feeling oppressed, let our Savior wash over your darkness through His blood, and walk in His light.

Merry Christmas!



Christian Armetta

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