John 16:33

“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”


God shows up in all situations, conversations, experiences, and relationships. Do you truly believe that? I do! For starters, He is omnipresent; He is truly everywhere! You cannot find a place where God cannot reach you physically, emotionally, or spiritually for He stitched you together in His image. You were created by perfect hands! You have a purpose and your gifts are unique to His mission. Can we just say–amazing God!

God is also omnipotent as there is no other force more powerful than God. His power is limitless…I implore you to pause – hit the rewind button and simply claim that one more time! His power is LIMITLESS! As you speak truth, there is strength building up inside of you because being a child of God is more than a special blessing; it’s an honor that cannot be contained. Finally, God is omniscient. There is absolutely nothing that takes Him by surprise! Now—exhale!

I was blessed to see God in three conversations today. Don’t miss the importance in that initial sentence. I strive, as imperfect as I am, to see God in all encounters. I ask myself, “What do You want me to learn from this conversation, meeting, interaction Lord?” Often I fail because I can be rather egocentric, task-oriented, and simply impatient. This flesh-oriented focus pulls me away from my mission which is simply His mission – imparting the love of Christ and sharing the good news of Jesus whenever and however I can.

However, after a very spiritually uplifting morning where my small group spent time edifying each other through Scripture and words of encouragement, I felt as though I was fully charged and ready to take on the day. What did I encounter through these very meaningful conversations? I found a common theme. We all hurt…I pause because my spirit groans. We are all currently suffering or have suffered in this life! As human beings, we are not all that different dear friends. Our hearts long for love and acceptance. We struggle with fear, anxiety, the unknown, painful addictions, battles, and loneliness. Yet, our face—yes, our face tells a different story.

We wake up each morning and sift through a drawer of masks trying to find just the right one; the mask that will hide the hurt we are carrying! We pass colleagues in the hallways and smile just praying that our masks are not unveiled. We worry, “Did they notice? Is it still on?” I couldn’t help but appreciate Necole Allen’s Facebook message when she mentioned that her face can tell her mood before she speaks. I truly can relate!! I am one who cannot wear masks well either. Yes, I try them on, but they seem to fall off rather quickly! I guess I haven’t learned how to tie them well. In fact, my face tends to “get me in trouble” well before my tongue.

Truth be told, we are all struggling, and we are all holding onto something in the past. Yet, my God is a deliverer and a healer! I emptied my “mask drawer” long ago and I beg you to do the same. Jesus is the best example of an overcomer any believer could hope for! Not only did He overcome every temptation, He overcame death in order to bring us life! YES AND AMEN! That is enough to send you rejoicing and dancing for joy. I hear chains falling, do you?

TAKE THE MASKS OFF FRIENDS! Satan has an army manufacturing them and supplying you fancy ones, but they are still chains! BREAK THE CHAINS through Christ.


Christian Armetta

2 thoughts on “Overcomer

  1. Christian,

    Thank you for reminding us that we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us!
    It easy to wear masks when we are focused on the wrong things!

    I find myself thinking about the past and the future…worry is always eminent when we do this.
    God tells us, through Paul’s letter to the Phillipians, to think and to meditate on things that are true, virtuous, praiseworthy, pure, lovely and of good report.

    When we cast down imaginations and every high thing that elevates itself against the knowledge of God and we bring EVERY thought captive in obedience to Him, NO WEAPON FORMED WILL PROSPER!!!

    When we focus our attention on the love of God demonstrated in the cross of Christ, there is NO condemnation; therefore, nullifying our need for masks!

    After all, why do we need to cover what the BLOOD of Jesus has covered for us! 🙌🏽

    I’m encouraged by your words to FOCUS on things which are unseen (these are eternal) not what is seen (these are temporary)!

    I’m joining you! I’m throwing away my masks!
    I’m looking into Jesus; for He is the author and the finisher of our faith!

    Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! He is worthy!


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    1. I want to jump out of my chair over this! Thank you for your words, “After all, why do we need to cover what the BLOOD of Jesus has covered for us!” Can we just all say – WOW! There is power in the name of Jesus; loving this community conversation! Thank you again.


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