Genesis 2:7

Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

Job 33:4

The Spirit of God has made me;
    the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Photo: Jesse Pierce

[Reflective Journal]

Though my body fatigues and my eyes close, you never slumber for you are the breath in me. Oh how you sing over me even while I sleep. The rhythm of YHWH never ceases as my chest rises and falls day and night. The enemy runs from your sound even as I sleep; he remembers your voice [breath] from the highest heavens. Even your breath in me makes the enemy tremble.

As I wake, your breath rushes from my lungs in sweet adoration. How can we say you are not near as I feel you resonating in my lungs. My hand reverently reaches for my chest as if I’m stepping into the Holy of Holies for the first time after the veil was torn. I sing and pronounce worship for we enter your gates with thanksgiving and your courts with praise [Psalm 100:4].

As my hand rests upon my chest, you meet me there. Your resonant vibration tingles each fingertip like a father running his hand through his child’s hair. Each vibration of Your Spirit speaking promises, health, life, mercy, and forgiveness. I lift my hand in praise but quickly reach back for your resonance in my lungs. You have reminded me that you never leave nor forsake because your breath lives inside of me. When I feel alone, I sing out to you in my quiet place. There…your resonant vibration calls me to my knees as I watch your breath send ripples into the atmosphere. All creation pauses for we are reminded…I AM moves, speaks, and lives inside of me.

We must breathe you in for the enemy has a way of sucking the life out of us. Yet, even Paul and Silas did not breathe in despair while being beaten, chained, and thrown into jail. Rather, they breathed in hope which exhaled your work of salvation, freedom, and deliverance. Your breath is truly our stabilizer in this wicked world. You remind me that my body, in fact, requires Your breath and Your bread of life – Your Word – to survive. Without such things, we are truly hopeless and defenseless.

Be glorified in the sounds that are produced from my lungs for they are Yours! Rise from the depths of our lungs with boldness and courage and fill our mouths with Your words that we may evangelize and prophesy. Teach us a new song that we may share with our neighbors for your heart is pure, lovely, and patient. Above all, let the praises that reaches your throne wash your feet with the oil of gladness that comes from our lungs.

Dear believer,

Be encouraged! Remember that God Almighty breathed life inside of you; His breath. Place your hand on your chest and (a) sing praises to His name and (b) pray in the Spirit at all times. There, you will find YHWH inside of you. You are never alone even though the enemy works very hard to make us feel that way. It’s simply a lie. We hold the greatest power inside of us. It’s our job to breathe Him OUT!


Christian Armetta

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